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Upcoming Classes and Events

Sew-In Saturday

Bring your project, sewing machine and tools from home to finish a TLC class project or just sit and sew with the team from TLC Quilting. We're all here and available to help assist, encourage or enlighten in any way that we can.

Longarm- A1 Butler/ Automation Computer System

This class will help you learn the basics of the automation system, nest pantographs, edge to edge quilting, how to work with individual blocks, & cropping. Supplies will be provided. Plenty of time of Q&A's. Payment may be made in advance online or in store, please call TLC Quilting at 608-563-4415 first to check space availability and to secure your spot.

Longarm- Free motion

In this class we cover the basics of free motion, at the bottom line; shapes and skills, to help you find your niche and be creative with you free motion quilting. Supplies will be provided. Plenty of time of Q&A's.

Jul 19
Longarm- Quilters Creative Touch 5 (Nolting/Q'Nique)
Jul 20
Longarm- Ruler/Laser light/ Pantographs
Jul 21
Longarm- Tech/Machine Maintenance